The rich watercolor art found within the Styraki books is showcased within this music video, which is set to the gentle music of "Rest" by John Andrew and the Bandits.

Many of you might also be interested in the music video of Unkie's grown nephews who named their emo-pop band "Burlington" after the hometown of their favorite uncle.
Unkie and Maitreya demonstrate the creation of toy Styraki figurines by the casting of a polyurethane plastic into a homemade silicon rubber mold.

They performed this demo during their summer 2010 Styraki tour of science and children's museums.

Styraki Music Video

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Styraki Demonstration


Styraki Book Tour 2010

Unkie, Maitreya, Styraki, and the cousins traveled from Vermont to Texas and back again during the summer of 2010 stopping by numerous science and children's museums along the way. It was a grand success!

Here is Styraki riding up front. Can you name the state through which they are driving?