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The Styraki stories are available both as hard copy printed books and also as eBooks.

The printed books include a single volume compilation of all the stories (116 pages) as well as a bundle of seven booklets (18 pages per booklet). They are available here on this website at both retail prices (for individual purchases) and wholesale prices (for bulk purchases).

The seven Styraki stories are presented as chapters within a single commercially-printed volume (perfect-binding).
(Shown here are two copies.)


The sets of Styraki booklets (7 booklets per set) are homemade in Vermont using high-quality dry ink printing technology.

Now also available are our homemade toy figurines. The Styraki figurine measures 4 inches high and 7 inches from nose to tail. The smaller styracosaurus figurines measure from 4 inches in length (Tsunami) to an extremely cute 1.5 inches (Maile). These collector's item Styraki toy figurines are expensive to make and available only in limited quantity. Be sure to view the video that shows how these figurines are cast within our homemade silicon rubber molds. For a better look at these figurines, check out the slide show. The figurines are available in the following packets:

Madeleine and Twister
Kai and Tsunami
Lucky, Maile, and Tiny